Blog up and running.

Didn’t take too much work to get this up, so now that it is I figure I might as well discuss the purpose of this blog.

This blog will keep track of the progress made on WTF-story, along with screenshots and other information that will not be released on the mirai gamer forums.  Most updates will be quick, small updates showing the small amounts of progress I make as I continue to try to deliver to the Cave Story community a decent mod (not that there aren’t any decent mods or anything….).

Seeing as this is the first post, it would make sense for there to be some content on WTF-story, so as not to dissappoint anyone. 

 So first off, here’s a sprite of a character that will make an appearance later on in the mod (chapter 6+).

ninja fox

Also, 2 of the known bugs with the portal gun (portals spawing in walls, being able to spawn multiple portals through intentional glitching) have been fixed.  Other bugs that need to be fixed include how the portal gun handles switching between orange and blue (right now if you fire an orange after switching your bubble-shield will go flying offscreen whereas the portal bullet will remain stationary), and the portal’s hitbox/velocity checks (vulnerable to gameplay abuses).



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2 responses to “Blog up and running.

  1. thrik

    Lookin’ nice. :)

  2. Haithm

    Man I like foxes and their good looking shape. Looks nice GIRakaCHEEZER. Thank you!

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