The portal gun is finally (generally) bug-free.  Portals can no longer spawn in walls, portal bullets don’t interfere with the bubble shield, and insta-portaling is now absent.  Plus now the portal gun can be in any weapon slot (before it could only be in the first weapon slot).

Next I’ll be working on creating a spring-type entity (like the springs seen in sonic) and also I’m planning on adding 2 new TSC commands: <DAP (delete all portals, set glob variable to 0) and <SPV (Set portal value, for rooms which you can only control one of the portals).  Seeing as I know how the tsc parser works for the most part, these should be rather easy to create.  I’m also thinking of making <MQP (Move quote a number of Pixels,) which will be like <MOV but it will conserve velocities (<MOV sets it to 0) and it will be based on direction (<MQP0000:0012 will move quote down 12 pixels, the first value determining the direction).


After that’s done I’ll start work on the second level of chapter 4.



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3 responses to “Portals

  1. Steve

    Good Job on working the portal gun :3

  2. Man, you make this stuff look easy, but I’d probably be a week just trying to make a spring. Nice work.

  3. Fire1052

    Yeah, I tried out the portal gun back before you fixed the bugs. Sure, it was a little quirky, but it was still worked fairly well. I can’t even imagine what’s it’s like now.

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