Finished Spring and TSC hacks.


Bouncing on the springs is so much fun :D!

So I’ve managed to create the spring entity (facing up only) and have managed to implement <SPV, <DAP, and <MQP into the TSC parser (for more details on these tsc commands see last post).  Thanks to coding these in, I think I finally understand how function calling works in assembly now.



This is the image used to make the current wtf-story banner.  Pretty good, if I say so myself.  The artist will remain anoynomous until I get back to her on whether she wants her name released or not.

Things that I shall do next:

-Make a graphic so you can tell which type of portal you’re shooting.  Right now there’s no way to tell which color of portal you’re currently shooting, so I’ll add a flag check in the HUD display somewhere and make it display an orange or a blue dot.

-Start mapping the second level in the green chapter (finally).  It’s about time I got back to some real/regular modding.

-Eventually I’ll need to get to work on this chapter’s boss, since I plan to customize it with more assembly.  Shouldn’t be too hard, right?


That’s all for now, not much else to report.



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9 responses to “Finished Spring and TSC hacks.

  1. la man

    ooh, pretty nifty giraka, you’re not really leaving meh any room for new ideas in my hack though.

    also, which commands did you destroy to let in the new ones?

  2. I didn’t destroy any of the old commands, I just extended the TSC Parser.

    Also I accidentally made it so that the game no longer exits and gives you a warning when you use an improper TSC command. With CE’s functionality, I shouldn’t have to worry about messing up my syntax.

    What the parser does now is it just skips over a TSC command if it can’t find it in it’s little comparison-thingy. I could probably change it back so it would exit and it would give the warning, but I like it better this way.

  3. thrik

    I made a Twitter account following this blog, it will update whenever this blog does. I made it because I have a hard time remembering to check back here, and a Twitter account that does that is just easier for me. is the account. I can either give the account to you or maintain it myself.

    If you want to me to take care of it, then could you tell me a picture that you want resembling the account?

    The picture should be 72×72 pixels, and should be still discernible at 48×48 pixels (this is the thumbnail that will be most seen by everyone).

    I’m not sure you’re familiar with Twitter at all :)

  4. trickybilly

    Nice development blog. But I do not see download links. Maybe it would be good that from this place we could download the more up to date demos. Keep up the good work

  5. @thrik: Sure, I can take over the Twitter account. I’ll PM you on the forums, for more information and such.

    @tricky: There are no download links. Only alpha testers get early releases (like v 0.32) and I’m a bit picky even with that. The next publicly available release will be v 0.4, since I like to release the mod in chapters (since small updates with little new content don’t appeal to me).

  6. igotsthepower9000

    I cannot BELIEVE how amazing you are. The portal gun is awesome. (love the game, beaten it like 10 times) I can’t wait to see the unique puzzles you can create. Also, will the “speedy thing go in, speedy thing come out” mechanic come out in WTFS? Just curious.

    You did a great job with tetris (but could you slow it down just a LITTLE please?! Jeez -_- that was annoying.)

    Do you have any idea when the next public release should be around?

  7. It should come out in another 2 weeks or so, I still have a bit to do before it can be released.

    And you think the tetris in Version 0.3 was hard, you should’ve seen the tetris in V 0.2. The last blocks came down like a bat out of hell.

    And yes, momentum is conserved with the portals, but CS’s engine doesn’t allow for any really “speedy” speeds to be reached so flinging will be not as useful.

  8. igotsthepower9000

    Wow, that fast? I wish I could make a mod, but all I know how to is edit maps, with cave editor. <DAP and all that makes no sense to me, (at least how to program it) an I have no idea how to male cutscenes. I can't wait for the next release, but no rush. Take as much time a you need to make it as great as it's lookin.

  9. igotsthepower9000

    Oh, one other thing; if you are boosting down into a portal, will you come out of a sideways facing portal boosting downwards, or sideways?

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