2nd Chapter 4 map “Complete”


Well this means that 2 out of the 3 “level” maps that will be appearing in chapter 4 are pretty much done (some cutscenes and such have to be added, but normally I handle that after I fix up the level design).  Just a bit more until V0.4 is done, well excluding if I redo all the maps for wtf-easy (making easy maps shouldn’t be too hard, right?).

Also, the next map for this chapter will be one of the first screenies you guys saw.  Remember this?


Probably one of the oldest screenies, shown before the first demo was released.  This is the next map I’m going to work on (and fix).  It’ll be basically the same, but it will be less buggy than before.  It’s a cool little puzzle, but I might make it more complicated…

Also for those who don’t browse the “Show off your org music” thread that often, here’s a piece that’ll probably appear later in the mod. http://www.mediafire.com/download.php?yiazdq2i25g

It’s an organya file, and if you listen to it I recommend you use orgmaker ver 134, since ver 205 uses the wrong percussion.  I think it’d fit best as the final boss theme, since I don’t know if I can compose something that epic again (or find anything to take it’s place in “epic-ness”).

Also I find that assembly hacks makes things a lot easier.  Before I would have to work around how an entity worked, but now if I want it to do something slightly different in it’s behaviour, I can change it.  It’s pretty sweet.



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3 responses to “2nd Chapter 4 map “Complete”

  1. Wow, the first screen with new health bar-cant wait for next demo!

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  3. anonymous

    How do I escape the matrix? It’s so freaking hard!

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