Starting work on Chapter 4 boss.



Finished making the 3rd level map for chapter 4.  It’s an interesting puzzle, and I can’t say much more without giving too much away.

I’ve started work on making the custom boss, or rather, I’ve started to make the entities (projectiles and such) that the boss will use.  I won’t show too much of the boss itself, since that might give away too much plot-elements.


The first entity is what I’d call “floor fire”. Similar to Basil in appearance (seen in the egg corridor), this entity simply accelerates to the right while going through it’s frames, eventually terminating itself after 256 ticks.  It doesn’t do as much damage as the Basil either, and it’s code is much simpler.

The second entity is a laser.  First it shows some gathering particles of light (seen in the right-most frames of the laser) and then it turns into a laser, which does quite a bit of damage.  It’s a rather cool visual effect, although it uses 10 frames in build up before it spawns the laser.

Still a bit of work to be done before the boss is complete.  And after the boss I’ve got to make some new cutscenes and fix some old cutscenes, but that can wait until later (because I look after gameplay first, then story).

Also I’d try to show you how cool these entities sound, but I don’t feel like recording and uploading sounds.  Oh well.



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2 responses to “Starting work on Chapter 4 boss.

  1. onomatopoeia
    Na, I can’t say it. Anyway, Does the floor fire have a speed cap or does it just accellerate until it expires?

  2. igotsthepower9000

    That puzzle scares me -_-
    good luck with the custom boss, is this the first mod to have a custom, or are there others?

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