Version 0.4 Released!

Go grab it here:

The file is a bit chunkier in size because Version 0.4 comes with:
-WTF story
-WTF Easy
-Org Viewer

And here are the major changes:
-Secret missions 1 and 2 (in chapters 1 and 2) are easier to find, so you might want to just start a new file
-Chapter 3 has a lot more cutscenes (and some cutscene fixes), so you’ll want to play through that
-Chapter 4 is chocked full of brand new content
-Portal gun is unlockable, although it’s gameplay is rather untested and will likely lead to skipping parts/cutscenes if intentionally abused.
-Not sure if old saves will work with this version



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7 responses to “Version 0.4 Released!

  1. Congratulations! This achievement is worth 10 gamemakerscore*

    *Not affiliated with Game Maker.

  2. igotsthepower9000

    I feel like an idiot. I posted a comment ONE MINUTE before you released this. Sry bout that.

  3. Himme

    This was so awesome I played it all through in one go. Really good job so far.

  4. ffffff

    ugh that memory bank, you sick twised son of a really bad person

  5. Santa

    Hey, this project looks worth the time and effort put into it. Is there possibly going to be a mac version, or have I been locked out?

    • There won’t be a mac version unfortunately (due to the fact that most/all of the hacks in the game are specific to the x86 chip, aka windows).

      The best thing I can recommend for you to do is to maybe get a windows emulator for the mac (like WINE). Chances are the mod will work on that.

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