New graphics and Hacks chapter 5

So I’ve started work on chapter 5, and I have a screeny (yay).

The things you’ll see are:

-The background for the first half of this area, which I drew myself.

-The tileset, also made by me

-Snow, a weather effect that I’ve added to the engine.  I might tweak it a bit (since with it i could just as easily add rain too).

And the things you won’t see:

-I’ve added the capability to turn on and off slippery-ness through TSC.  If I learn a bit about how tilesets work I might try to make it tile based

-Started work on the org for this area, it’s only about 4 bars complete though.



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7 responses to “New graphics and Hacks chapter 5

  1. la man

    looks pretty.
    like the trees and the sun, the snow looks a tad sloppy.

    and I added changing physics thru tsc first.
    just thought everyone needed to know.
    great work though.

  2. That great!
    Also, i see the debug save at the top so…

  3. Himme

    I like.

    I bet that snow looks even better in motion too.

  4. z


    Looks awesome man, don’t let development die!

  5. Helen C.W.

    I am a junior high school student in Japan.
    And I can’t use English as well as you.
    But I’ll try to write hard.
    Please read and let me.

    I’ve been interested in your WTF!
    By the way,I hope to make my game like yours.
    But,I can’t make new weapons.

    Assembly is very difficult for me.

    That’s why I can’t make.
    So,I want to hear from you.

    Could you tell me how to make Machine-
    Gun on the EXE-Binary Fireball?

    Weapon3 is Fire.Weapon4 is MachineG.
    I know how to make Shotgun on Weapon4.
    But, When I use the ShotgunScript,
    I can’t use MachineGunScript.
    So, I hope to hear from you about how to make
    MachineG on Weapon4 .

    For example,
    No Lose Weapon Energy is 004199F5-EB04
    Anywhere,Jumping is 00415BE5-EB00
    No gravity is 00415F71-F1
    Debug-Saving enable is 00012D4D-EB0F

    Did you understand me…?
    If you couldn’t understand , send a e-mail to me.–no spam!

    Thanks for the wonderful game and great success!

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