New enemies and stuff

This post is mostly just so I can say that I have posted this month (just barely).  I might not even make it by WordPress’s clock, but where I am it’s still January and that’s good enough for me.  Nothing too major has been done yet, and I’m in a bit of a funk as far as ideas for level design go.

This screeny shows off a bit more of the tileset and it shows the new Curly AI, which now only follows you around (and is a little less stupid at it, and has a failsafe so that you can’t get her stuck, more or less).  Her code also takes up about 1/2 the space of the original Curly AI’s code, so that’s a plus.

Another thing is the snow was “glitched” (it was poorly designed, and moving the camera around on screen made it look funny due to scrolling issues) but now has been fixed by calculating camera velocity manually and compensating for it.

Also this is an enemy I’m working on, he’s a stationary snowman who throws snowballs at you if you get too close.  The tough part for him will be calculating how he should throw the snowball, since the snowballs will have gravity.  The snowball itself has been coded into the game and works, but I still have to make the code for the snowman.

I also want to have one other new enemy in this area, but I can’t come up with anything at the moment.  If any of you have some ideas on what kind of enemy I should put in this area (with a little description on how it should behave) then it’d be appreciated if you could write it down and put it as a comment.

Oh also one last thing, as a little bonus here’s an org I made quickly a little while ago.  Most of you should know where it’s from.  Athletic (mediafire link)



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8 responses to “New enemies and stuff

  1. igotsthepower9000

    How about a snowball that rolls down a hill, gets bigger as it goes down, and either explodes or just dies at the bottom or when it hits something?

    Do stalagtites (sp?) exist in the original? Because if not ice crystals in the ceiling that fell when you got close would be unique as well.

  2. Serge

    yes, Stalagtites did. And they were extremely painful. Which, ironically, is perfect for WTFstory. Lol =D

    GLHF man!

    Hmm… snow enemies… How about an Ice “spirit” or fairy or something, you know, feminine, which would disappear and reappear, and perhaps charge/jump at you?

    Perhaps when you look towards her, she would “teleport” behind you after a few seconds of invisibility, and then jump/charge at you, and would hit you unless you turned around again? would take some interesting playstyles to defeat, imo.

  3. Vercci

    While you’re talking about curly’s ai, have you found why she only shoots labyrinth enemies?

    • la man

      like gir said, curly doesn’t shoot everything because she has a list of stuff she’s allowed to shoot – if pixel let her shoot everything, she would be spamming the living hell out of experience, doors, savepoints and the such.

  4. A_Penn

    Hey i was wondering if I could use your tileset for my DKC game that im making. Ill give you credit in the final product. You can see it here if you want ” “. Just email me when you make up your mind ”

  5. @Vercci: Her original code was scrapped completely (she follows you around, but her code was put in from scratch, as in I deleted her original assembly). I suppose I could look into it for the purpose of helping other modders, but I can also give you the obvious answer (logically that is): She isn’t set to attack every enemy because not every entity is an enemy. It would look weird if she tried to attack hearts or experience or save points or terminals or entity 0 (the invisible entity). The game obviously searchs for certain entities, and since she was only used in that one area pixel only made her look for those specific ones.

    @A_Penn: Yeah, but the tileset is still incomplete, when it is I’ll send it to you. (Unsurprisingly, the tileset I’ve made is based off of images from DKC, that game is awesome.)

  6. la man

    erm, I don’t really have much to say on this, since you showed me already, but I can do the code for how the snowman needs to throw his snowball if ya like.

    yeah, im me back if that wood be goodable, I don’t check this sort of site very often.

  7. Uncle Dave

    How about as an enemy, a polar bear covering it’s nose so it blends in with it’s environment. Actually that’d probably only work if there weren’t trees in the back ground. It’s just a suggestion

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