Time to get regular

It has been decided (mostly by me, a little by the polls) that the blog will now update monday mornings!  Today is not a monday morning though (I wasn’t able to get as much work done as hoped due to catching the flu this weekend) but this will start next week. 

The penguin walks, but that’s about it so far.  I don’t know if he looks good enough yet, but he will need a jumping frame (and then some code).  Still I’m glad to get started on him, just to have something done.  I am rather proud of how the walking animation turned out myself, so that’s good.

Also here’s a screenshot of the snowmen in action.  It took awhile to get their aim to work right, especially when a major glitch was detected.  For that I give special thanks to Noxid for discovering that the snowmen could throw snowballs so fast they could go through walls.  But that has been fixed, and their aim is still pretty deadly.  I might have to consider making the snowballs do 1 damage instead of 2…. (the bubble shield will come in handy here though).



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3 responses to “Time to get regular

  1. Serge

    WooO! Get eet dun mang! GLHF!

  2. been wanting to tell you this mod is really fun for an awfully long time but nicalis folk wont activate my god damned forum account

    especially like the music choice for level 3

  3. Whoa…new enemies! The snowman and penguin looks epic! But I feel sorry shooting a penguin that`s cute, tell me it`s a good guy please… Looks very promising, good work

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