A New Angle?

This screeny here is to show that the penguin is now in the game, fully coded and such.  He is a little bit fast (almost as fast as the main character) and has a considerable amount of hp for a single enemy.  He has one small glitch that needs to be resolved because right now, if you manage to lead him into a tall wall and then head the other way he’ll jump 4 times at the wall before coming back after you (a velocity issue, should be an easy fix).

However on a more recent, exciting developement….

As this picture suggest, I’ve been working on developing a new tile.  Work on this technically started a little while back, when I was looking into how to create some animated tiles.  Instead of finding rendering code (and how to use it to my advantage), I found the tile effect code, or rather, the code that handles what happens when quote hits any part of the map.  This week I’ve been dabbling in it, and I’ve created the 45 degree angle slope.  I’ve also made it so that when slipperyness is turned on, that you slide down these slopes (same applies to the regular slant tiles (the not-so-steep ones), except you slide down them at a slower pace).  This has created some minor glitches with the 45 degree slope (I’m still debating how much of a glitch they are, since they don’t seem to have a negative impact on gameplay or the like).  Also technically the 45 degree slope is only half complete, since the code that handles entity to map tile collision is done seperately (I have an idea as for where to look for it though), so right now the entities just treat the 45 degree slope tile as if it was not there at all.  Since this tile is buggy, mainly with the slipperyness, it may or may not make an appearance in the levels involving slippery surfaces.

Also, seeing as making new tile types is a realistic possibility, do you guys have any suggestions for new tiles I could use in the mod? 

Also the art for the ice-blocks and the beta-slope-tiles (which is a recolor of the block from the labrynth) will probably not be used in the chapter, or in the mod.  They are being used only for testing purposes.


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  1. igotsthepower9000

    Why not a conveyor belt tile? One going left and one going right. You could string them together for some bizarre puzzles or the like.

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