A “Hollow” update

As for what the title of this post symbolizes, well I’ll leave that till later.  It’s definition is still very literal though, since not too much work has been done on the mod itself this week.

Most of my hacking time this week has been spent on Noxid’s project, “Cave story 32”, in which the ultimate aim is to mod the current engine so that it can handle double resolution for everything (instead of 320×240 graphics, it’d be 640×480).  There’s still a bunch of bugs that need to be ironed out, but it’s looking like it will work out in the end.

So, assuming this gets completed, the question is: should I apply this hack to my mod?  Although having double resolution seems like a great idea, the biggest complaint I have is that I would quite literally have to go and  redo ALL the graphics used so far (some of it wouldn’t be too hard, but it is still time consuming).  This would mean a further delay in the next release (we all like waiting), and would mean more work for me.  Plus I don’t know if I’m the best artist for the basic art, and getting onlineworms to redo the titlescreen art might be a bummer (I could just apply a stretching algorithm, or maybe he would have a higher resolution copy already, which would be sweet.)  So here’s the poll:

The other reasons not too much work has been done on the mod is Final Fantasy 13 (Pretty good so far, from what I’ve played.  Hopefully it won’t remain this linear, but I’m still near the beginning), school (Japanese test was kinda hard, and then there was that Chem test), and the usual procrastinating that I do.

Since I’ve been doing a lot of non-modding, I’ve also had the time to work out some more plot details in my head.  Like now, I actually have a good idea for the first cutscene in chapter 5, and we’ll learn more about the origins of B@lrog (like why he’s green maybe….).  I really need to get some work done on this level though.  This week doesn’t look to be too busy, with less schoolwork and other stresses it seems.  So hopefully I’ll have a little more to report then.


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