It’s a Slippery Slope…

I actually got some work done on the mod this weekend! It’s always hard to get back into the whole modding mode when you haven’t done it for a while, but once you get back into things you start to get productive fast.

So from this screeny, you should be able to see:

-The new background I made (still not completely sure if I’m totally happy with this, some comments on it would be nice)

-The slope tiles again.

The 45 degree slope tiles are now almost 100% glitch free; They still have one glitch, but only when arranged as shown in the screen shot.  It shouldn’t be hard to fix though, and there’s also the possibility that I’ll never put the tiles like that.  Also I’ve started work on the npc part of the tile code for it too.  As you can see, the Curly AI is standing on the tile right there.  The other tile (the ones going the other way) isn’t coded for npcs yet, but it will be a rather simple process to get them working as well.

Also, to celebrate Cave Story’s coming to the wii, I’ve made a remix. 

“Egg No 00” is a remix of Pulse.  Can be viewed/downloaded from:
Download link:
Youtube link:
Newgrounds link:

Oh and I’m glad to see that a lot of people have voted on the poll.  Since the double resolution hack is not yet complete. and since work on it has halted (hopefully only for a week or so), I’ll keep the poll going for another 2 weeks.



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8 responses to “It’s a Slippery Slope…

  1. appledipper

    you want us to pass judgement on that background from a static image?


    • Yeah as Noxid said, the background is a static image. So a vid wouldn’t help you much.

    • overload

      Awesome background. It looks like a giant floating rock, putting a base in would be nice. The lighting in the background is pretty neat, and in general, it is a pretty good background, though some refining would not hurt.

  2. The backgrounds don’t move, you know, so really that’s about as much as there is to see.

  3. carrotlord

    The background looks great. It tricked me into thinking that you added some sort of lighting effect to the game engine.

    Nice remix (it’s for Remix Project 2 as well, right?). It’s quite faithful to the original while adding a bit of taste. I tend to dislike remixes where I can’t recognize the original song due to the changes.

    • Of course it’s for the second remix project. I even posted it on the forums, I think the post got kinda pushed to the side though, what with the release of CS on wiiware and all.

  4. Yohko86

    The BG for this level looks fantastic! Love this lighting effect! I really hope you decide to keep it in.

  5. According to my mind the light effect is a nice touch. My only suggestion is to fix some lines where the pixels are too evident (for example: the dark conture line of the stalactite located at the right-right upper corner of the screenshot). I am not very artistic to judge rightly though. In general I like this background.

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