What I’ve been working on for most of today is the code for the boulder(there are 3 of them in this screeny).  It is a fairly simple entity, mostly acts as a solid object that you can stand on.  However, in cutscenes, Quote and Curly can roll them off of ledges into pits like that, where you could, say, get past the spikes.  It’s one of the more important elements for these levels.

Also the slopes for entities are pretty much finished, and all of the glitches that the penguin had are fixed.  The tileset will need some additions/modifications to accomodate for how the levels are designed.

With these recent developements, I can now begin work on the actual level design, and soon testing can begin for some of these levels.  After the first 2 segments of levels are made, I’ll have to code in a new boss (it should be a simple boss, but it’ll be interesting).  And then once that boss is done, I can start the second half of chapter 2.

…still a ways to go before we’ll see a finished V 0.5.


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