Icicles and other things

So I’ve been trying to map out the levels, but I realized I was bored with it (or I was tired).  So instead I thought maybe I’d edit the falling spikes in the egg corridor.   This is the edited spike.  It is bigger, falls faster, and must be shot for it to fall.  It will most likely be used as a puzzle element to navigate over spike pits.  Also I’m planning to use the grasstown bats (or a slightly modified version of them) for in the caves, just because it all still feels too empty so far.

Also I’ve decided to use a different track for the new snow area, it is a remake of the music used in Ice Cap Zone Act 2 in Sonic the Hedgehog 3.

And for those that want to download the original org file, here it is: http://www.mediafire.com/?dg3ounyvi0n

Also some guy’s LP-ing the easy version of WTF story version 0.4. 

It’s fun to watch him play/struggle through it, even on easy mode a bit.

Oh and sorry for the delays, just there’s been school and now I must go to sleep before it becomes 1am.



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2 responses to “Icicles and other things

  1. carrotlord

    Well, now there’s a mega-spike that you must shoot to get past other spikes, eh?

    Anyway, hopefully this time fireboy will actually finish his LP of WTFstory!

  2. bit late to comment but well happy to see the ice cap tune in the mod, loving it, well done :)

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