(Bonus points to anyone who gets the reference)

Anyways since I needed a character for the latter part of the chapter, I have created this cat.  He was hard to sprite and draw the facepic for (and I might play around with his sprite a bit more), but I think he’s turned out ok so far.  He was also made because I realized long ago that I could reference other things with my mod, and this may be one of those things.

Also I’ve fixed some of the minor issues with the falling icicles, they now damage other entities while falling, so that will be useful to the player.  There was a semi-major bug with the snow, but it was quickly fixed by editing npc flags (the “player friendly” flag in the npc.tbl editor in Cave Editor actually means “Run event on touch” flag).

I have also been contemplating the idea of splitting chapter 5 into 2 chapters, or into 2 releases, due to how much will be in chapter 5 if it goes how I have planned it.  However this idea will likely be abandoned.  But since this chapter is so big it will actually feature 2 boss battles (lucky you!).  I know exactly what the first boss will be, and how it will work.  The second one I need to think about some more though.

Oh and as far as the double resolution, at this point I think it’s safe to say I won’t be using it, yet.  This is mainly due to the poll results (most of you don’t seem to mind not using 640×480, and also some of you even chose “no”, to my amazement).  It’s only in times like these, where I’m spriting small sprites, that I wished I had larger resolution.  But then I remember all the other graphics I would have to rehaul and…

Also the second half of chapter 5 will be like a carnival.  Any ideas for minigames I can use?  There’s nearly no limit to what can be made, what with assembly, so feel free to suggest whatever.



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5 responses to “Cat-god

  1. Mike1108

    Carousels of course!
    Maybe clowns.
    And there should be chuck norris. (dunno why)

  2. Johnathan Fist

    Wasn’t the King of the Universe in The Underside a cat?

  3. The cat is somewhat similar to Garfield.

  4. Landon

    At least I get the reference (i think). If so, you would recognise the phrase “it’s body temperature, Nya.”

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