The cat came back the very next day…

The first update is to the cat sprite, which has been modified so that it looks more cat-like (he looked like playdough before).

The second thing is that I’ve fixed the small glitch in the 45 degree angle slopes, since it was bugging me that I had to restrain the way the level was mapped out because of it.  On a similar note, I’m going to create a 45 degree angle slope for the ceiling too, so the levels look a bit more natural.

Also the secret mission for this area has been created, wasn’t too hard.  The only semi-hard part was implementing the system that allowed for the concept of “you’re not allowed to take any damage” to work.  It basically works like “if quote takes damage, check for secret mission 5 flag.  If flag is set, run TSC event Y instead of calculating damage”.  I was worried it might not work since I was calling a script event in the middle of a random function, but it seemed to work flawlessly.

And on a note that’s a bit unrelated to Cave Story Modding, here’s a cave story remix I made of “Balcony” and “Wind Fortress” (it’s a track from the cave story beta, you can youtube it if you need to). (YouTube) (Newgrounds) (mp3 Download)



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3 responses to “The cat came back the very next day…

  1. trickybilly

    Tell me I don`t have to fight in the mod that adorable, orange, Garfield like meow.

  2. Cultr1

    the new God sprite seems a little thin. Maybe between playdough and new God is just right.

    Man that song creeps me out.
    “the cat came back, the very next day,
    the cat came back, something something something but
    the cat came back, he just wouldn’t staaay awaaay”

  3. Himme

    Seems like good progress is being made. While I’m here I’ll also add that this hack is one of the most enjoyable game experiences I’ve had for this half of the year. I long for the next part.

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