Exams that don’t really matter.

Anyways as you might have inferred from the post’s title, it is exam week MONTH right now (International Baccalaureate exams last the whole month).  These exams are rather silly in nature, since although I do receive a mark for them (out of 7), they don’t have any impact on my actual high school marks, they’re only for my IB marks (which would be important if I was in full IB, which I’m not).  This means 2 things: I will have to do some studying this month (like 2 weeks), but it won’t be too hard since I do not plan to study much anyways.  It also means all IB classes for this month are cancelled, so I’ll only be going to school for like 1 or 2 classes a day.  This means more time studying and more time working on the mod, hopefully.

As sure as I am that you all take sincere interest in my personal situation, I still have a blog to update tonight.  Not too much has been done since last week (the 45 degree angle slope tiles are functional for the player right now, but the npc part of the code has yet to be put in).  Also the new slopes don’t respond to bullets (bullets ignore them) so I should probably fix their tile code too, since I haven’t bothered to deal with that yet.

Some work has been done on chapter 6’s music too, I might have that organya file ready for next week.  If you want to see what I’m basing the song off of (the song I’m trying to remake), then you can click on this link: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=amnK5BNBJcM

Oh and it doesn’t feel like a post without a picture for some reason, sooo…


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