So basically very little (close to no) modding has been done this past week due to exams and other situations. 

At this point, with developement being slow as it is, I will set myself a deadline that I will most likely never meet.  But even though it will be impossible, a deadline may make me work harder on this.  So the goal for version 0.5 will be by the end of May.

It’ll be difficult, since I’m still in the middle of exam month.  Off to write a physics test now.



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4 responses to “Non-progress

  1. May?!
    That’s really soon. Like, the end of this month :0
    Good luck with that.

  2. End of May? That’s pretty soon…

  3. Cultr1

    Ooh, May?! Best of luck, I really want to see this soon!

  4. Himme

    Wow, I expected longer…

    Don’t work “too hard”.

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