Minigame music

I have managed to get the bullets to respond to all the new 45 degree angle tiles.  The ceiling ones are complete, and can be seen in the left of the screeny and at the top right. 

Also some work was done to the code that ran the checks for the new tiles, since before it was rather inefficient and could have led  to some lagging (mainly since it would have run 4 cmps for each time an entity was checking a tile, and it checks 4 tiles around it so that’s 16 cmps, and since there’s always more than one entity on a map then we would have had a lot of extra code running due to my laziness). Basically instead of running the checks for the new tiles after the switch clause that’s normally used for tiles, I integrated the new tiles into the switch clause by moving the offset list to somewhere else so I could extend it (this will all make some sense if you know a bit of assembly).  If you don’t get what I’m talking about, basically I’m making it so that these additions to the cave story engine run faster and don’t slow the game down.

Also the first area’s map (which is pretty big) is about 30% done, so it should take about another day or two to finish mapping it out.  After that I can work on the first boss (yes, I said first) in this chapter, and then the carnival/minigame area.  I’m going to make the graphics for that area non-pseudo 3d, since pseudo 3d tiles are a pain in the butt to map with, even if they look pretty.

Oh and as for the title of this post, I indeed made an org for the minigame music (just today, in fact).  Here it is:

If you want to download the org file itself it is here:

And if you want to see the original Pani Poni Bararaika, well I have a link for you too:

Oh and sorry for updating late, I’m supposed to update monday morning.  I’m not sure if everyone knows that though, so I’ve put that it updates regularly in some places (like the thread, and my forums signature, and the top of the blog).  Hopefully I’ll make the deadline for v 0.5 (end of May).



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4 responses to “Minigame music

  1. carrotlord

    Heh… love the new org. Also, that pic of Becky is just epic.

    Nice to see a good amount of progress.

  2. Arfine

    Is that, Colt MK IV? M1911A1? I love them…
    We’re really looking forward to seeing next update!

    • No it’s actually the AMT Hardballer (either the Longslide version or the Commando version, both featuring the long barrel) with a laser scope attached.

      The picture itself is from “Pani Poni Dash”, and is a reference to the Terminator, and the original image can be seen here:
      Terminator Poster

      Also thank you for the comment, although the AMT Hardballer will not be featured in WTF story.

  3. Arfine

    I heard the Org.How wonderful…
    I love it. I think that,music is good
    for all.
    I’m sure that you’ll make it!

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