Carnival Fun

Still in the process of mapping out the first area of chapter 5, but I was getting a bit bored of that so I decided to work on the graphics for the Carnival area a bit tonight.  Here’s a sample of what I’ve got so far.  Of all the things shown, the tent probably took the longest to draw.

I still have to flesh out a bunch of the ideas for this area, like the layout and some of the extras I might have lying around the Carnival.  Most of these are added during the creation of the basic level design and such, so it will get done eventually.  I also have to draw a background image for this area too, something that doesn’t seem like such an easy task.

Also I’ll have to work on the code to get animated tiles working, now that I’ve found the bit of code that renders front tiles.  Hopefully it won’t be too hard, and won’t require much more processing power.

As for completing version 0.5 by the end of May, it is looking rather impossible (as I predicted when I set the goal).  Still, it’s nice to have a goal even if it won’t be realized.


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