Didn’t meet the deadline.

Didn’t meet the deadline I had set for myself (to be done by the end of May, if you don’t remember).  It was rather impossible though.  Regular news on progress is below.

I have FINALLY completed mapping out the first level-area for this chapter.  It is somewhat big, and it took some time, but I did it.  It will be testplayed by various alpha-testers tomorrow.

Not too much else to report. After polishing up this map, and adding a few small extra details (like the broken bridge graphics there), I will move on to coding and making and drawing the mid-chapter boss.  And then after that serious work on the carnival area can begin.

I’m going to try to get v 0.5 done by the end of June now, although this might be hard what with exams and 2 homework projects this next month.



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2 responses to “Didn’t meet the deadline.

  1. Himme

    That looks really good in that screenshot. The transition between those icy-blocks in the ceiling and the normal wall-blocks may look kind of weird though, unless it’s supposed to look that way.

  2. Serge

    GOod luck brosky

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