Small Town Blues…

So for this chapter, I figure there will be a small town before you go to the carnival.  Basically something along the lines of “the carnival is closed tonight, so you’ll have to find a hotel to sleep in so you can go to it tomorrow”.  And then basically a fetch quest sort of thing in the town so that you can get the money to sleep in the hotel.

The details of this fetch quest, or what you would do in the town though, have not been formed.  So if you have any ideas, please leave them in the comments section.

Also, I have the 2 orgs that I will be using for the Town and the Carnival, in order:

Still have to code the Mid chapter boss, and then work on the assembly for animated tiles.  And some testers have reported “bugs” with the new slopes, so I’ll look at fixing those.  They also said they liked the new level so far, and that it was quite fun.



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4 responses to “Small Town Blues…

  1. GIR, sorry, but your tiles looks… Err… Kinda primitive. Don’t you think so? Or it’s just your drawing style?

  2. carrotlord

    All right… some Organya goodness.

    Good luck on your animated tile coding.

  3. trickybilly

    I comment here for all the posts regarding the carnival that it is a nice idea. Also I know that one should never ask a developper when a game will come out but could you make an approximation (like 3-6-9-12months?)since I`m bored and wanna something to play. Btw. I hope you change my mind and make WTF a double-res mod.

  4. explosive

    Posting to say I love dark cloud 2… er, dark chronicale

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