Infected with a worm…

Long worm is LONG (100 pieces, to be exact).

Anyways, as seen in the above screeny, the wormy boss has been coded, and gfx-d (drawn).  He’s nearly bug free, but he still “bugs” up when he hits a corner badly (like the ones at the bottom of the map).  I should be able to fix him up, since the code that’s causing the bug might actually be unnecessary code, which I might just have to delete.

The map shown above is a testing map, made since I didn’t feel like putting in the full gfx for it yet.  Not until all the bugs are ironed out.

Also the post title has duel meaning, since I think the computer has caught a bad virus of some sorts.  I will be backing up this version of WTF, and maybe some other things this week.  And this week is final exams week too! (that’s why the update is late).

Not much else to report in terms of progress.  The date for the next release seems farther away than ever, like it always does.


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  1. Hahaha… That looks like it’s gonna be hell to fight :(

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