Paint the town purple.

The best news I can deliver with today’s post is that the worm is now essentially (it can kinda chew it’s way through a wall if it’s determined, but it’ll never go off map) bug-free.  I thought the boss would be easy to code initially, really.

Anyways the only other thing I’ve worked on this week is the town’s tileset, which can been seen above.  I tried to fix the coloring a bit, since there were some complaints with the other version looking too “plain”.  Hopefully this is better, since otherwise I don’t really know how to improve them, and probably will not.  I still have to make a rather large fetch-quest-chain to go along with this town, but that should be pretty easy in comparison to some of the other things I still have to do.

Nothing else to report, except that final exams (and high school in general) is over, so I should have a bunch more time to work on this over the summer.  Don’t expect too much, though.



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3 responses to “Paint the town purple.

  1. Mike1108

    I think i see this somewhere. Good tiles, anyway.

  2. Oho, a haberdashery…

  3. sixtyseconds

    Your good tileset made me sad at my bad ones…. So I made mine better.

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