Climbing a Tower

So anyways I’ve done some more musical work, but you won’t be seeing it in the game for a while (not until chapter 7). The track I’ve remade is from Tower of Heaven (Tengoku no Tou):

I’m also working on another track from the same game, which unfortunately I have yet to finish. I had some difficulties with trying to make the first part of the song, which was pretty hard to try to recreate. Hopefully next week I’ll have it finished so I can post it here. Here’s the original the track: “Indignant Divinity”

This music is also a hint as to what will happen in chapter 7. So is the title of today’s post (that should give it away, really). But that’s all I’m going to say about that.



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4 responses to “Climbing a Tower

  1. Himme

    Sounds awesome as always, can’t wait for that area! Good work!

  2. trickybilly

    Of course I get what will happen in Chapter 7, I`m not stupid :) You will play as a “flashy” indignant divinity trying to prevent that demon from the first picture to climb the Tower of Heaven… Jokes aside here is my suggestion: According to my mind you should make more original music instead of borrowing from other games. I know it`s a lot harder but I simply prefer listening to original compositions. Like WTF title screen music: awesome&original.

    • One of the reasons that I do use non-original music for the mod is that this will probably be the only time where I can do so. If I make games in the future (which I hope I will), I will try to release them with no borrowed content whatsoever, and might even try to make a small profit from the game (depends on size/scope of game).

      But since this is a mod, and I’m releasing it for free, I can use the remakes of the songs that I’ve made (I think how it legally works is that since it’s a cover, I have to give royalties to the original artist if a profit is made. I think this is how video game remixes are allowed). Plus I can expose people to the music and artists that I like, something I could not necessarily do if I composed my own music. (Not to mention that I don’t think I could compose as good of pieces as the ones I remake, since they are just so awesome.)

      And also yeah composing music is hard, and I’m still not all that confident in my skills there.

  3. Serge

    I freaking love the music in Tower of Heaven!

    MasterOfOrigami reviewed showed me that game.
    he’s from

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