Little to no work done

Basically the situation for the release of version 0.5 has not changed: A lot still has to be done, and it’ll take at least 2-3 weeks to complete everything (and those are optimistic estimates). I did make an edit of the snowy background for the town, but it is nothing much. Here’s the list of what needs to be done to release v 0.5:

-Fix bug with 1 of the 45 degree slopes
-Create animated tiles
-Finish 2nd ice cave map
-Make worm-boss map
-Put together town (most of the graphics for the town are done), script town
-Make Carnival Background & finish carnival tileset
-Make Carnival Minigames & graphics too
-Come up with ideas for chapter boss
-Graphics & code for chapter boss
-Testing of new levels
-Various scripting (cutscenes and stuff)
-Modifications for easy mode (that shouldn’t take too long)

So that’s 12 things on the to-do list. It is nice that most of the graphics for these areas are done, and the music.
One of the things on the list that I am having trouble with is the ideas for the chapter boss. I am thinking of maybe a giant snowman type thing (I will try to make it a bigger boss, like the size of omega or something), but I do not know what kind of attacks he should have. If you have any ideas for the boss, feel free to leave a comment.



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2 responses to “Little to no work done

  1. Serge

    town boss:

    Demon Santa.

  2. snowman boss behavior:
    >Jump over you once
    >Jump, airbrake, and try to land on you (if he does, 2 damage and ur crushed in2 ground like w/ Ballos)
    >Shoot 20-30 snowballs at you rapidly (1 damage and if they hit he stops shooting)
    >Jump up into ceiling and try to land on you
    >spawn 3 penguins then repeat.

    Between each behavior is about 2 seconds of idle time for spamming.

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