Porting a hack.

Most of this weekend’s worktime was spent porting Noxid’s “multi-save” hack onto my executable (thanks again for letting me use the hack, Noxid). It isn’t all that hard to port changes to doukutsu normally, but there were some slight issues with porting this particular hack (different hp bar, different sized weapon icons, customization). But I was able to get it how I wanted it to work, and added a couple of specific things as well. The save data preview now shows what map you were in when you saved, as well as what chapter.

The only other progress that has been made is that the glitch with that one 45 degree angle slope has been fixed, so now I can cross that off the list.  Still a lot left to do before v0.5 is released, but getting closer every update.  (I will try to have more done for next monday).



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    Like, and want

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