Soundtrack Nearly Complete

Not too much done this week, at least not much that I can show.  Most of this week’s work has been on a new org (probably for chapter 8), and it is about halfway done (around 1 min and 20 seconds long so far).  But it has been a rather busy week at work (this is the last week of work for the summer), and I did not have any time to work on much this weekend, since I am going on vacation soon.  But I will have a couple of days off this week, and then the next 2 weeks (or 3) I will also have time off to work on the mod (before I go to university).

At this rate, I am more likely to have the mod’s soundtrack complete before anything else, really.  When this org is complete, the only orgs that will need to be finished are the ones for chapter 6 (one which I already have some work done on), and maybe some other miscellaneous ones.

That should speed up the development of the other chapters, but they will still probably take awhile.



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2 responses to “Soundtrack Nearly Complete

  1. mobilisq

    how many chapters do you have planned? a nice even ten, or then some?

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