Vacation time.

I finished the org I was working on before, a remake of Compute (by TheOnlyFool from newgrounds):

Also I uploaded Perfecta to youtube (the org I made for the last boss music, I posted a download link for the org in an older post):

As the title of the post suggests, I am on vacation right now.  In the past, traveling would have meant no time to work on anything, but as of recently, I have a laptop.  Therefore I should be able to get some work done while I’m out here.  One of the things I have done is some “research” on what an amusement park looks like (I went to an amusement park), so that should help me draw the graphics for the carnival area.


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  1. trickybilly

    They both sound pretty good, love how you use energetic bass which creates good game atmosphere. Can`t wait for the next demo. I`m not coming much to the forums anymore but I`ll continue to post here my suggestions as before. And wish you a good vacation :)

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