Fetch Quest

I have given up on making the ice cave map for now, since it has led to me not working on the mod at all, since I have had few ideas on how to expand the map.  So I am working on the town area now.

The town area will be a nice, mostly TSC based area.  I have the fetch quest itself planned out (mostly thanks to Noxid), but I still need to make some graphics, and the insides of the buildings in the town.

After this I am going to make the boss map for the mid-chapter boss (the worm).



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8 responses to “Fetch Quest

  1. Cultr1

    The purple buildings are awesome, but they kind o blend in to the background a bit :S

  2. merlinoboy

    I hope ver. 0.5 will come out soon! :) I looove the game so far!

  3. Serge

    So, deleted your “Away” post, for now, to hide the fact you didn’t update yesterday?

    Yeah, thats right I caught ya.

  4. HyMyNameIsMatt

    The sprite sheet is very good, but one thing I would recomend is to create an entity as a decoration for the snow on the roof tops. To act as a foreground like the grass in grasstown, the flat snow just doesn’t look as good. I know that if you just changed the sprite in the sheet, Quote would end up walking behind a wall. I’ve done stuff like this before, so I know what a pain in the @$$ it is.

  5. trickybilly

    Really nice village. Especially like the light circle around the moon. WD

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