Mr. Swordsmith

Still working on the town, mostly finishing up the graphics that I will be using.  These are a couple of the npcs and background objects that will appear in the town.  I have also drawn the items for the fetch quest, but I will not post those, since those might give too much away.

The big guy on the far left is the swordsmith, for the sword store.  For the others, I will leave that up to your imagination for now.



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3 responses to “Mr. Swordsmith

  1. merlinoboy

    Looks very neato! I know I will be suprised with the final version! I can’t wait for it! :D

  2. HyMyNameIsMatt

    I just want you to know, if you make an actual sword that only goes one or two spaces and isn’t thrown like in Cave Story; I will steal the script for it, cause I’ve been trying to do that. On a side note… I am working on a really long and different type of game, “plot has nothing to do with Cave Story” and would you be annoyed if I asked a few, “or tons” of questions on occasion? I don’t mean things I can figure out on the forums either.

  3. trickybillly

    1) The hats are my favorite thing here
    2) Suggestion: maybe a cloth shop. would be cool at the village where Quote could buy new outfit, glasses, hats…just for the fun.
    3) Your artwork is very-very nice, I maybe it would be even better in double-res though.

    Good work

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