I made a new page for the blog, the Credits page.  It is basically the credits.txt that comes with the download of the mod, and will be updated every time a new version is released.

Asides from that, not much has been done in modding this week, but here is a sprite I am working on.

It is a slot machine, designed to be one of the background objects in one of the buildings.  I am currently debating whether or not to animate it using the new animated tiles (which would run a simple animation loop), or to use an entity to animate the screen (so it would basically start up randomly and then play, or maybe it would only play when you used it).  Plus if I used an entity I could make the animation a bit smoother.


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  1. merlinoboy

    Looks very nice, the slot machine! I should just let it turn when activated! That’d be my opinion!

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