Big changes…

First thing I have for all you readers is another org remake.

This song will probably be used in chapter 6.  It is originally by George and Jonathan, who have made some awesome music that sounds like it was inspired by games from the sega genesis (Sonic 3 comes to mind, for me at least).  You can check out the original “Whale” here, along with their other music.  It is all pretty good.

I had a “special” surprise planned for today’s update, but unfortunately it is turning out to be a lot more work than I anticipated.  Hopefully for next week I will have enough to put together a quick video.

This next question may give away what the surprise is, but how do these new facepics look?



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9 responses to “Big changes…

  1. Cultr1


  2. carrotlord

    The left facepic looks quite nice as-is.

    For the right one, his eyes seem slightly too long. I guess it’s also okay if you’re going for a stylized instead of a totally naturalistic look.

  3. merlinoboy

    THEY’RE BOTH AWESOME!!! Oh god I love you have my children

  4. They’re both good, especially yhe one with the glasses. Before I couldn’t quite tell that he was wearing them, and thought that you just drew the eyes really bad. But they still need some shading between the bottom of them and the skin.

    Keep up the good work.

  5. trickybilly

    Special surprise…hmm…Quote will take down his glasses? :P Seriously though I think it`s double-res, and if it is so you made me and (I think all of us who like this mod) really happy.

  6. RCR

    Okay, that picture tells me that there might be a CSI: Miami style opening in store for us.

  7. Mike1108

    Hmm… A new Hi-Res Text Box?

  8. explosive



  9. adarkman

    Love the facepics, my only bug is that Quote’s hair goes over his antenna, making it look odd.

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