Still no video

The video that I was planning to put together for last week’s post is still in the works, since I have a couple of sprites to make yet, and some tilesets as well.  Making everything double resolution, and putting in all the extra detail is hard work.

I have managed to get a LOT of the main work done this week though, including most of the face pics used in the mod.  Here are a couple of the tougher ones I made this week, how do they look?

One of the reasons that switching to double resolution is taking awhile is that all the graphics must be made pretty much by hand (well, by mouse), and careful work must be done so that are not derivative of the wiiware sprites.  It would be nice to just use some of the wiiware graphics, but that would be crossing into murky legal waters.  So I have made sure that the sprites I am making are somewhat distinct from the wiiware version, mostly by just making them double resolution myself.

Right now, in order to have everything done for chapter 1, I have to basically redo 4 inventory items, curly’s sprites, the “inside” tileset (seen in the memory flashbacks), and the title screen and the beach scene graphics (I will likely just run these 2 through 2xSaI, or something similar).  Most of the universally used graphics, like the text box and special effects, are done, so that is good.

I will probably have the video that I was trying to make to show off chapter 1 in double resolution ready for Wednesday.

EDIT:  The video will be going up monday most likely, so that I have some time to fix some of the memory issues the game is having on my XP, and to record everything nicely.



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5 responses to “Still no video

  1. merlinoboy

    You are God! That Excerpt is soooooooo nice! I’mma lovin’ dark/evil char-sprites!

  2. trickybilly

    Wise choice you`ve made by switching to double-res. Curly`s facepic could have more details and be less “simple” especially now that you have 2xres? But to be honest this way looks good too and fits well in the mod.

  3. adarkman

    I much prefer how you did Curly’s Antenna compared to Quote’s.

  4. Tis good, yet… The hair near the antena on Curly doesn’t seem to go all that well with the back part of the hair, but I have a tendency to overanalize things a bit. Double rez sounds nice, but I think that I’ll stick with normal resolution, simply becausse I really like old school types of graphics, but as a modder I completely understand how cool it is to do that. Keep it up. Oh, do you think that is okay to use remix’s made by studying a midi file? I’m still trying to learnn how to do it by ear.

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