Double Resolution Footage

Every graphic used in chapter 1 (well, almost) has been redone for the new double resolution.  I just finished making the video today, and it looks great!

…except on youtube.

Youtube quality has been fine in the past, since it seems to have a resolution close to 320×240.  However the resolution for your basic youtube video does not seem to support 640×480, so the new graphics will not be very visible in the vid.

I am looking into getting a vimeo account, since vimeo can host better quality videos.  And if that fails, well then I guess I will just post some screenshots.

Another thing I am working on (with noxid) is a 2x scaling algorithm, to help speed up the process of making the new tilesets and other graphics for the new resolution.

[EDIT]: My vimeo account is registered and working now, so I should be able to upload the video later today when I get home.  I will update the post once the video is up on vimeo.

[EDIT2]: Here’s the video on Vimeo. Looks a lot better.

Double Resolution Footage WTF Story (better quality)  

(WordPress doesn’t seem to support the embedded player from Vimeo, so you will have to click the link.)



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6 responses to “Double Resolution Footage

  1. merlinoboy

    Omegadd! Wazz this? Looking swell! Nice! Even Youtube-ed! Only thing i’d like to say: curly&quote sprite… Looks kind of weird to me, but maybe I just need a re-look… Just so you know…

  2. trickybilly

    Are you sure it`s Youtube? I`ve uploaded something three weeks ago and was in high quality…Using Camtasia or Camstudio Lossless Codec + VirtualDub. Maybe it`s a new thing though so dunno… Nice footage there though, will be more impressive at outdoor levels for sure. Other thing is you seem to be very good at this mod (since it`s yours lol) I suggest you make a video-walkthrough somewhere in the future, considering it`s a hard type of mod, and some ppl who like the mod are lazy…

    • I’m sure it’s youtube. As you can see in the post, I uploaded the same (well, a slightly higher quality version) of the same video to Vimeo, and the difference in quality is just remarkable.

      I might make a walkthrough, but if I do it will be when the mod is finished.

  3. AH!!
    I can’t wait much longer. I,m tempted to open WTF Story up in cave shark and look at the future levels. But that would ruin it. I did take a look at some of the rooms, and I was wondering; did you make your own TSC codes in HEX or did you disover unlisted ones?

    • I made them myself with Assembly.

      A more detailed description of some of the new TSC commands that I made can be seen on this older post:

      Also, you wouldn’t be able to find any of chapter 5’s content in the v 0.4 release, even if you were to try and hack it. The content is not there, simply because at that point it was not made. Only I (and a few testers) have a version of WTF story that contains chapter 5 content.

      • I thought you would have had a few more things done even before the release. Such as certain enemies and entities you were working on. I have a couple of things saved to the file that I don’t plan to use in the initial release. Probablly would have more if I could figure out Hex.

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