Updating the old graphics

So far almost all the graphics needed for chapter 3 are done (some minor fixes and edits need to be made to the darker version of the yellow tileset).  Next week I might even have chapter 4’s tileset done, and then I can move on to chapter 5’s graphics.

Also Onlineworms was kind enough to draw the statue that appears in chapter 4.  For those of you that do not remember, here are the two versions side by side for you to compare.

(On the left is the old statue, on the right is the new)

As you can see, it is painfully obvious that Onlineworms is a much better artist than me.  I express to him my dearest thanks for yet another contribution to the mod (he is also the man responsible for the title screen art, if you did not already know).



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15 responses to “Updating the old graphics

  1. ThunderSock

    He has a sword…

    • That is an RPG-7 actually. It might be kind of hard to tell since the back part of it that is resting on his shoulder is slightly blending into the background.

      • Cultr1

        Gir I think he was referring to Onlineworms’ statue, which has an epic sword.
        Perhaps onlineworms thought the old statue’s scarf was a sword.
        Either way, it’s cool because Quote did use a sword.

      • Oh you might be right.

        I was just a bit quick to think he was mistaking the RPG for a sword, since that happened a lot before when I first showed the new weapon Icon for the RPG.

    • merlinoboy

      Replied for truth. This fact is owns!

  2. merlinoboy

    Statue: looking good!
    Pipe field: looking nice!
    Hope you finish this quick, will only get closer to v.5 release!!! XD can’t wait actually…

  3. Radical Amish Zombie

    The graphix are looking kickass man. did you fix the secret mission glitch? If you say no to any one, it will ask you if I want to try that secret mission, but here’s the rub: I can play the mission over & over. So far, I have 59 hp. I think I need a life…..

    • merlinoboy

      How did you get this done? and at which mission?

      • merlinoboy

        Wwwwait! Does it have something to do with le portal gun?
        And mission … The one before that boss? In the water part?

      • Radical Amish Zombie

        Mission #1, it’s rather easier once you have the broken spur. However, I’ve seen it with every mission. The first time it was the tetris level.

    • I seem to be unable to replicate this glitch: could you please specify the version of WTF Story you were playing and a step by step description of how to make the glitch happen?

      • Radical amish zombie

        It was “Mirror link 2 (esnips)”.
        When I first found the glitch, I was playing the tetris level. After I beat blocky (who fights sucpiciously like misery), went through sunset corridor, through the water place, & when I hit the block & did the secret mission, it was the tetris one.

      • Did you use the portal gun to skip your booster breaking?

        If so then yeah that glitch has been reported a couple of times before.

  4. That is clearly awesome. I love doing tiles, but I too am not the best when it cames to that kind of art; which is why I’m begging my best friend, “amazing artist/spriter” to help me. But man do those new graphics in chapter 3 look good. Will you change the sprites for chapter 2, or have them look like old school tetris?

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