Still updating the old graphics.

(click the picture for the full screenshot, the one shown above is just a preview).

So most of the graphics that are used in chapter 4 have been fully updated (the only things that still need updating are the presses and the animation that plays before a laser appears in the Interrobang fight).  Surprisingly this whole process has not taken very long.  Time was one of the concerns I had when originally deciding on whether or not to use the double resolution hack, but it looks like I overestimated the time required to make all the new graphics.  After all, almost all of the graphics that were in v 0.4 have now been updated.

Onlineworms has also offered to do the scaling for the chapter 5 tilesets, which if it goes well, should make my life a bit easier.  He said that he should have time to work on it this week, so maybe for the next update I can post a screenshot of chapter 5.  I will still be doing most of the sprites however.  And on that note, I will end this post with a picture of the cat god, who’s also been scaled.



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7 responses to “Still updating the old graphics.

  1. merlinoboy

    Awesome!!! God now that sign REALLY looks like blue screen of death! Lol fact ownzes

  2. These sprites are totally awesome.

  3. trickybilly

    Did you change the backgrounds too to 2x res? The moon appeares to be a little pixely at full screen or I`m just imagining things.

  4. PhyscoKamek

    Awesome! I can’t wait to play it when it’s done!
    I am god. Meow.

  5. Cultr1

    I am liking the new sprites.
    The cat sprite’s eyebrows don’t match the facepic exactly, consider a slight adjustment?

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