Midterm week

This week I have been mostly studying for some upcoming midterms, but I have still been able to get some work done on the mod.  Pictured above are the new penguin and snowman graphics.  I also started working on a new org for chapter 6, so maybe next week I will have that ready for the blog.  This week I might actually start scripting and fully mapping out the town, too.



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7 responses to “Midterm week

  1. Are the snowmen custom AI, or a different looking version of an existing enemy?

  2. merlinoboy

    Looks funny! Sry for not being able to watch this yesterday, was in french-belgium…
    Anyways, sounds all cool!

  3. Cultr1

    awesome possum. I didn’t see the snowman’s hat at first. Do the penguins still make that noise when they die?

  4. merlinoboy

    Ut frigidus penguin.

    Nuff said.

  5. explosive

    uh sorry for being negative and stuff but linux’s feet look a little out of perspective in the second to the right row, and the fourth to the right row
    (the ones where he’s lifting up his foot)

    other than that it looks fantastic

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