So first off a look at what the entrance to the Amusement Park looks like at night. A few new tiles were added to the tileset, and since it is complete I can start work on the amusement park itself.

Also this will be the main background for the Amusement Park area.

As for the uboa-hearts, they will not replace the main hearts, but they will appear in the game.



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15 responses to “Coaster

  1. Raketashi

    If posible, you should do an Co-Op part in the game. Also an….Booster 2.0 insanity level will be somewhat fun..


  2. randomgamer

    The ticket windows don’t look so good. The background shouldn’t be visible through them.

  3. I really like your bakgound work.

  4. cavestoryremixproject2

    Hello GIRakaCHEEZER!

    I am featuring the Cave Story Remix Project 2. I only need some admins… I thought, since you also have your part in this album, why not ask? So, do you like to join the administration-team? (currently has 1 member, except if you like to join) I already have the songs set for Youtube, only have to upload them. Interested?

    The Cave Story Remix Project 2 team (currently me, except if you (and/or rtnario) join.)
    PS: sorry for not knowing another place to ask this, kinda offtopicness this is… Sorry

  5. cavestoryremixproject2

    Please tell me your email-address so I can add you to the admins.

  6. Master Of Mortis

    Have you thought of a roller coaster boss battle? Or have you not already thought of it, made it, redid it, then proceded to add Cloud Strife from FF VII as a epic boss battle?

  7. trickybilly

    These screenies look beautiful. I`ve thought so far you guys don`t fully utilize the artistic possibilities of 2x res – until now. Well done :)

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