Setting a goal again

Sorry about the late post.

I finished the Inner Coves map, so once I map out the boss room and fix up the death worm’s code I will have some of the alpha testers test it out.  However progress has been slow recently so I have decided that it is time to yet again set a goal.

If all goes well, we might see the release of v 0.5 by the end of december or the start of january.



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5 responses to “Setting a goal again

  1. But when does all ever go well?

  2. Cultr1

    hopefully it goes well.

  3. nrpXX

    Sweet! Lovin’ this mod, even though I suck at it. <.<

  4. Reikken

    I just starting playing this today, and since it’s a v 0.4 and says “Demo”, with every chapter change I expected that to be the end of it, but it just kept going. Quite impressive how much you already have, and even more impressive at how fun it is to play. Great variety in the platforming, and difficult without being frustratingly hard. Well except that second tetris part. Half the blocks I couldn’t even see coming, so there was no way I had time to even try to dodge. But yeah, thanks for making this, as it’s pretty awesome.

    • Yeah that part is quite hard unless you figure out what to do: if you look up the whole time then they’re pretty easy to dodge.
      And thanks for the comment, I’ll keep working on it.

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