Snow Tileset

So Onlineworms finished his work on the snow tileset, and I have to say it looks great.  I will have to tweak it a bit, but no big deal.

Other than that no news, right now I am just working on making myself a “multi-purpose” npc.  I will go more into detail on what that is next time.



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2 responses to “Snow Tileset

  1. What program are you using for the background images? That’s clearly not Paint.

  2. Master of mortis

    Hey Gir, I’ve got this kickass idea!!!! Have a CS version where you can alternate between classic 2D, 3D graphics (with alternation between 1st & 3rd person perspectives), & 2D graphics with the 3D models. Impossible? Maybe……. Not for the Master Of Mortis!!!! (Cue Phantom of the Opera theme song)

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