Finished the Multipurpose NPC

[The Curly Rangers in: Doctor Moose and the Blue Caboose!]

This screenshot shows off the wonderfully useful multi-purpose NPC.  What is a multipurpose NPC?  Simply put it is an NPC that I can change where it draws from on a sprite sheet with simple TSC commands.  I can also edit its display rects too (and I will probably implement a command to edit its hitbox as well).  This entity is designed primarily to replace all of the standing npcs like Santa, Mahin, the gunsmith, and Chaco.  All these npcs are pretty much the same, but with different frame rects.  Hence this NPC was designed so that instead of having to create a new NPC every time I need one, I can just use the multi-purpose NPC.  The NPC has 4 animations: Idle (randomly blink), Idle (randomly blink and walk around sometimes), walk, and Idle (randomly blink, face player).  I figure these should cover most of the animations I will need for basic cutscenes.

Next I have to fix a bug in the Worm’s code, and modify some bits of it.



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15 responses to “Finished the Multipurpose NPC

  1. Master Of Mortis

    Can it (it being the modified Doukutsu) be programed to flip sprite sheets, right to left, vice-versa? That would certainly save time, no?

    • Doesn’t seem worth the effort.

      Writing bitmap manipulation algorithms seems like it would be a pain in assembly, and flipping sprites manually on the sheet isn’t that hard to do anyways.

  2. LunarSoul

    So, I finished the demo. I think the portal gun is broken. It doesn’t seem to do anything.
    I mean, it makes a portal, but nothing happens if you touch it.

    • I guess it could be called “broken” at least in how I give it to the player (this is one of the most common questions from people who beat the demo).

      If you press the “W” key, that will switch which type of portal you can shoot. And the portals only work when there’s 2 onscreen, of course.

  3. LunarSoul

    Ah! That makes sense.
    If you want to keep the gun in your game, you might wanna signify that in some way. Like for the portal gun’s info.

  4. LunarSoul

    Also, you might wanna be a bit clearer about the system matrix puzzle. I fumbled around for like an hour before I realized that there was no obvious pattern. I did like seeing that stupid sign explode, though.

  5. Master Of Mortis

    By the way, the portal gun works by level, the last time I played WTF. Granted, I used Doukutsu trainer (yeah, I know, cheater cheater pumkin eater) but the levels are as followed

    1: no damage, no portal

    2: light damage, blue portal

    3: moderate damage, orange portal

  6. Master Of Mortis

    Can doukutsu be programed to play mucis files aside from the normal ones? I have the strong urge to play “Solder Side” by System Of A Down in the balcony……. Let me be specific, ACCs, Mp3s, & possably AIFFs (only for quality). Can that be hacked in. Wait!!! What about a CSRMP mod? If it wasn’t majorally crappy, it would be a valid idea!!!

  7. Master Of Mortis

    Here’s a link to it:

    It might suit the massacre scene from N0xid’s King story, & yes, I am serious, & never call me sherley!

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