Worm’s den

I have completely redone the worm’s code from scratch, since he was still too buggy.  But now he is perfect, at least his behavior.  Also I have made his map, appropriately titled “Worm’s den”.

I would have posted his pseudo-code, but he is still missing something: the part of the code that tells him to run the script after his death (which is more complicated, since he’s a multi-piece npc).

[EDIT]: Here is his pseudo (pre-assembled) code: Worm Pseudo Code



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4 responses to “Worm’s den

  1. Merlinoboy

    Looks nice!

  2. Nice tile set..
    I know that you made the worms code, but I can’t comment on that at the moment.

  3. Master Of Mortis

    does it move like the centapede game? Try looing at their code. Unless it’s more of that boss from the Legend of Zelda (NES), in which case, I have a PC version you can hack.

  4. explosive

    I tried reading the code for your worm

    my head exploded

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