This is a little hack I have been working on for a little while.  The options menu was designed mostly for turning on and off the 25 fps (the muting of sfx and music were added as bonuses since they were easy to make).  25 FPS is a mode for those with ‘lesser’ computers.  The game runs just as fast, but the animation overall is a little bit choppy.  It is a good feature for those running the game on a virtual machine, or for those running screen capturing software in the background.  The menu can currently be brought up in windowed mode, but it is not accessible in full screen.  I am working on making it so that it can be accessed during full screen play as well.

[EDIT]: Also this hack has been lent to Noxid for his mod as well.  You can see it as of version of King’s Story.

Another hack that I have to make for this area are some one-way tiles.  Like the platforms seen in Super Mario World, you would be able to jump on top of them from underneath.  This makes sense for the town area, since the roof tiles look like they should be one-way tiles.  It will be a lot of coding, unfortunately.

I was out of commission this weekend since I had my wisdom teeth removed.  But now I should be able to get back to work (once I write my physics midterm, at least).  And if you are interested, here is a “Tower of Heaven” remix I made during my recovery.



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8 responses to “Options

  1. Merlinoboy

    It all looks very nice. I must say, the options menu is very clever! When will it be ready for download, or will it be included in the next demo?

    BTW, when do you think the demo is done for uploading?

  2. Cultr1


  3. Master Of Mortis

    Awesome!!!! But diddn’t the ballos platforms in the 3rd form have that?

    • The platforms that he summons are entities, and not actual tiles. Plus entities can’t collide with those platforms either, since there is no entity-entity collision system.

      • Master Of Mortis

        Then alter the code so the’re stagnant, spay paint them, alter the shape, then throw them up. Is it harder then that? In the ways of hacking, I’m still getting a kick out of making booster saying “Poopnuggets, I’m dead….. Want a Jetpack?”.

      • That wouldn’t solve the problem of entities not being able to collide with the platforms, which is the main reason I’m making it a tile rather than an entity.

        Also you mean “In the ways of modding”, since editing TSC isn’t really hacking, just modding.

  4. I always thought those should exist, but my assembly skills are still quite lacking.

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