Time to get back to work

Finals are over now, so I no longer have an excuse not to can now work on the mod.  Since school is over as well and I do not have a job (yet), I should be able to get a lot of work done in the next couple of weeks.

I did some work on making one of the NPCs for one of the carnival games, but it still needs tweaking.  Making all the carnival minigames should not take too long though.

Another reason why I have not gotten much work done on the mod as of recent is because I was working on my submission for the Cave Story Comic Challenge. You can view the full resolution version of the comic here.



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3 responses to “Time to get back to work

  1. Master of mortis

    Hhhhhmmm…… Might I ask what are the limits of grotesqueries are? 1 being silly putty & 10 being Rosie O’ Donald?

  2. Lol@Balrog`s expression at the last picture of your comic :D

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