A Race

So I have done most of the coding/hacking necessary for the race, which means now I just have to make a suitable map for this minigame.  This week I should be able to start work on the boss, and if I am lucky I will be finished him for next monday.

Also as you may have noticed I changed the way the blog looks, since I figured it was in need of an update.



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8 responses to “A Race

  1. Audioworm

    Holy shit. The new blog. Is so sexy.

    Cool, can’t wait! But I will anyway!

  2. Carrotlord

    It’s great that you changed the blog theme, but unfortunately I think you misspelled Development D:

    • This is the second time that’s happened, I really think there should be an ‘e’ there for some reason.

      It used to be incorrect in my signature on the forums a while back.

  3. Very sleek! I am digging the new look :D

    btw… OMG CAT!

  4. A race… Lol brilliant!

    How have you learned this sick awesome coding/hacking skillz?

  5. Lemonade

    So, how’s the race supposed to work ? Will you have to jump and take shortcuts to get ahead of the cat ? Will you have to shoot him ?

  6. Hope that cat`s not evil. I won`t shoot cats.

  7. Damn this gives me a woody!!

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