[EDIT]:  I am just going to leave this up until I can announce a confirmed date for the release of version 0.5.

I have been busy with work recently (the kind I actually get paid to do) so unfortunately I have not gotten any work done.  I only have friday off this week so this might be another unproductive week as well.  Hopefully I will have done something though.

As usual, here is that image of Chiyo, looking at me in disappointment because I have gotten no work done.



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23 responses to “Busy

  1. Pah. That whole “work” thing. Pain in the ass, right?

  2. Man, you sure love Chiyo. Good luck dealing with both work and the project, anyway !

  3. Can’t wait!
    Good luck!!!

  4. Who’s Chiyo? It appears I shall consult the oracle, Google.

  5. Audioworm

    Oooh boy, can’t wait for the release date!

  6. Jaxcheese

    Do you except Orgs from fans. I’ve become quite a professional Org maker.
    (Haha. “Org maker”)

  7. Jaxcheese

    Nevermind, can’t Email orgs. SIGHHHHH…….

  8. How goes everything, I know you said you leave it up until V.5, but it’s been about a month now…

    • Everything goes well, except for work on the mod (which I’ve been putting off). I have most of what I need for the boss ready, I just need to code him in at this point. But I’ve been procrastinating and I’ve gotten a bit caught up in another project. I figure I’ll have it done some time in August.

      • Beta Test

        Well ok, just happy to know what’s going on, it’s no fun to be in the dark about things.

  9. Jaxcheese

    I sent an Email with orgs attached. Read it when you get the chance.

    • Jaxcheese

      Another question: How did you use Organya View? I downloaded it, but I’m not sure where to put the songs I want it to play.

      • Jaxcheese

        This might be a bit of a tell order, but do you think you could make a kid-friendly version of the mod? (Edit the script, turning around sprite)
        The only hard part would be the title screen…
        If not, can you give me permission to try?

  10. Cavefan101

    How do you make a mod.as in what do you use to mod cavestory

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