Not Busy

Good news, I have a few weeks now before school starts where I have a lot of free time. So this means modding should resume, and so will the blog updates.

Here are the sprites for the Boss of chapter 5.  I have started work on his ASM code, but it is not finished yet (about halfway done).  After I make him I have a weapon hack to make, various scripting things, and some things to fix in earlier chapters.  But that is not a lot.




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20 responses to “Not Busy

  1. Audioworm

    Yay, this isn’t dead!

  2. Cavefan101

    Hey how did you make WTF story mod. I can’t find out how.

  3. Hello Snow Man! Or should he be called Permas?

  4. Cavefan101

    Did you use cave editor or some kind of nosing tool I just want to know so I can make a mod. Cave story 2 that’s what I would make but please tell me.

  5. Cavefan101

    Thanks I have planes for a mod.

  6. Cavefan101

    Well I have 1 more qestion for now, does cave editor come with copy of cavestory. If not were can I download cave story becouse I only have the ds version. Oh and I came up with a better version of cave story. I got the title idea from yours. OMG story. See sounds slot like WTF story. Well thanks.

  7. Cavefan101

    So does it come with a copy of cave story or not gorakacheezer.

  8. Cavefan101

    Now all I have to do is get my mom (I don’t gave my own computor) to let me download the stuff I need

  9. Cavefan101

    Are you sure all of these downloads are safe? Like do they have any viruses?

  10. Omega-cavegod

    I am now omega-cavegod not cavefan101 mwaaaa haa haa ha!!!

  11. Omega-cavegod

    And girakacheezer WTF? Story looks EPIC

  12. Omega-cavegod

    Hey I was wondering how I can fix this problom I’m having with cave editor. So I’ve turned of the read only part of the cave story and all that but when I try to save anything I’ve edited it alwayes says. Error unable to save data. Any suggestions on how to fix that

  13. Omega-cavegod

    Nvm I forgot to turn of pixels reqermints so now the probloms fixed. But thanks any way and girakacheezer how do you publish your mods?

  14. Omega-cavegod

    Girakacheezer once i’m used to cave editor I will make OMG! Story.

  15. Omega-cavegod

    How do I edit the tiles

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