Release Date September 12th

So I am announcing the release date for the next version (0.5). It will be in a week. Also I would have posted earlier but I was working on what can be seen below.



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15 responses to “Release Date September 12th

  1. Awesomeness. I really wanna see the town. And apparently the new version of the gun.

  2. Tryda

    Girakacheezer how do you edite the tiles using paint!!!
    Ive asked like 50 times so come on!!!

  3. YES!!! Have been waiting for some MONTHS and waiting for it FINALLY PAYS OFF!!!


  4. Brass

    Awesome! Big ups for working on this!

  5. Audioworm


  6. Jaxcheese

    How come you don’t have the rocket launcher from the secret mission in any of the screen shots?

  7. Jaxcheese

    Oh, nevermind. You know, from the mission with the falling blocks after the Blocky boss.

  8. Is the block gun fully auto now? Or do you have a quick trigger finger & I’m just slow?

  9. Jaxcheese

    I guess I just assumed, ’cause there’s a sign near it that says “Do you have the rocket launcher yet?” Also, a few questions.

    I’m trying to hack Orgview to play my own songs, but when I try to save it, it says “cannot change original name” or something like that. When I save it to a different location, I can’t find it and/or can’t run it. Any tips?

    What program do you use to record your orgs and put them on Youtube?

    Is that a spreading block gun?! (Smiles with insane delight)
    I’m still getting over the fact the original Cave Story didn’t have any spreading weapons.

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