WTF Story Version 0.5 released!

Go check out the downloads page to get it.

-Options menu added (mute music, mute sound effects, 25 fps (for slower computers)). Can be accessed at anytime by pressing F3.
-Entire mod uses better graphics (double resolution compared to original Cave Story)
-Made memory banks puzzle easier
-Made Tetris bit easier
-Added save in Generator
-Made Railway easier
-Added save in Railway
-Made System matrix easier and shorter
-All of chapter 5 is new content

To use your old save grab the ‘profile.dat’ from you old WTF Story folder and put it in the new WTF Story folder, and rename it to ‘prof1.dat’ (or ‘prof2.dat’ or ‘prof3.dat’).  It is recommended that you save right after loading it.

Also I am looking into translating this version of WTF Story to japanese so if anyone wants to help me with that or knows someone that can, leave a message below.



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45 responses to “WTF Story Version 0.5 released!

  1. Tryda

    Dang now I have to restart.

  2. sixtyseconds


    Also the Minecraft update got delayed again so now I have time to play this!

  3. jaxcheese

    You don’t have to restart, just move your profile.dat to the new folder and rename it to whatever he said. Also, with the prof1, prof2, prof3 thing, does that mean there’s three save slots?

  4. Tryda

    Oh good I acidentle skiped the instructions

  5. Deadpikle

    Bug on railway:
    Fall off the screen when moving and blinking from damage? You’ll reappear on the middle cart thing.

    • Deadpikle

      Oh, and if you jump off the top one through the top of the screen, you are damaged.
      Thanks for the save point though. I stopped playing .4 because of this section… >_<

  6. Multiple profile data files could have been used for check points, but I’m cool either way. Can’t wait to try it out.

  7. What do you mean, easier? I can escape the System Matrix? I thought it was a cruel way of stating that the demo was over.

  8. Tryda

    I got damaged and my guy just fell through the floor. Probobly becouse it’s super laggy on my computor. Oh and GIRakaCHEEZER can you make a version of it were you can use the tiles in cave editor becouse I want to mess around with them.

  9. Tryda

    Tell me of you will and it shouldn’t take you to long to do.

  10. Tryda

    Oh and the link you gave me has nothing about editing the tiles or Ncps. Tell me how did you learn to MOD so good?

  11. Oh god yes. Congratulations for this release ! I’m gonna play it ASAP.

    Also, I see you’re translating the mod. I can’t help with Japanese, but I thought about doing one in French, since I am, and I know a bunch of French CS/WTFStory players. So, iff you think it’s worth doing it, I would love to do / help with it.

    • I wouldn’t really be able to help you with the french translation (I don’t know any french), but I could give you the scripts and you could translate them, and then I could put them into the game and release a french version.

      • Ok, thanks then ! I have an account as Lemonade at the CS Tribute Site forums, you can send me the scripts there. Also, is support for characters like accents possible ? That would make the translation more faithful.
        About the demo, I have a bug to report. Once you get in Snowball Walley (wierdest map transition ‘2011) and listen to the dialogue, then talk to Curly again, the dialogue starts again but Blocky and B@lrog are gone.
        One more thing : I fell off the cliff at the entrance, to the left of the fire, with 1HP. I walked throught it and… yeah. Damnit. Got to battle Interrobang again. :<

      • Lemonade, if you want the script, you can start on chapter 1 with this script:

  12. Tryda

    Never mind oh and GIRakaCHEZER there’s a problom when you first get to pipezone. It’s the block you have to jump on right after you see the cutscene with curly. You can’t jump high anuf to get up to it. Oh and one last thing, how do you edit NCPs?

    • You should have the booster, though, so it should be within reach.

      NPCs require hacking to change their behaviour, but tweaking their health and damage can be done in the NPC.tbl editor CE comes with.

  13. Tryda

    I try’ed that. I have everything but it just won’t work. I can’t get it on to a certion Ncp. Basicly my problem is, how do I select a Ncp.

  14. Tryda

    You should make a YouTube tutorial.

  15. Tryda

    Oh and lemonade, if you want to edit the scripts for the French transltion set the name for both the WTF story folders as doukutsu.exe then turn of read only. Then when you load it up in cave editor it should have everything. You can edit the scripts but not the map becouse it will be messed up. Hope this helps. Oh and GIRakaCHEEZER if you do make a tutorial then thank you. Oh and how do you publish your mod.

  16. jaxcheese

    I would do ANYTHING to get one of my songs in your mod. I’ll write to a theme or even remix a certain song, if you want.

  17. jaxcheese

    Also, I could do a German translation, if needed.

  18. Tryda

    Hey would you create a retro-action them son for me?

  19. jaxcheese

    Yeah, sure! I’ll have it ready within a week. I can E-mail it if you give me your address, or I can just put it up on Mediafire.

  20. Tryda

    Can you just put it on media fire. Oh and do you know how to fix this map loading error. When I play my game and get through this one door it pops up a japenes error.

  21. jaxcheese

    Check the script and see if everything makes sense. Also make sure the map number the door leads to is the number of an existing map. If that doesn’t work, see if you can translate the error message to English.

  22. Tryda

    How do I translat the error message

  23. Tryda

    thanks but how do i play it and put it on my game.

  24. jaxcheese

    Chapter 9 of Noxid’s Modding Guide (linked to on the side of this site) tells you how to put a song into your game. If you just want to play it, open Orgmaker (download it if you don’t have it), press load, and open the song from your downloads folder.

  25. jaxcheese

    You can watch in video form here:

  26. Tryda

    Oh and if you can can you put the stuff to play it and add it on media fire?

  27. Tryda

    EPIC. your great at making songs. how about you make an adventure themed retro song.

  28. jaxcheese

    You can get the program to write and play the songs at
    Click on “v2.0.5 Translation” under Orgmaker 2.

    And yeah, I’ll try and write another song for you.

  29. So I’m not quite done yet, and so far I love it. I love the map design, though I must admit some of those mini games are quite hard. I never thought I would have much need for bubbler 2.0 until now.

  30. Tryda

    i know there tuff right.

  31. Tryda

    hey girakacheezer could you make it so wtf story is editable becouse i want to use the upgrade graphics becouse the origanal dosent run fast on my computor.

  32. Tryda

    oh and snow boss is impossable to beat. even on easy.

  33. Tryda

    his snowballs are so hard to dodge

  34. Kuronokeiyakusha

    Hey, girakacheezer! Nice game! Thank you very much!
    Btw, where can I find a new Orgviewer that contains music from the last chapter?

  35. Aar

    That is pretty cool. I can’t play WTF Story/Cave Story on my PC, it is too slow. I play it at my friends’ house, though. How did you do that Tetris thing?

  36. Hi, great game but it’s BUGGED on my computer…
    I have a problem with the graphics. It’s messed up. For example, the “WTF?” sign, the streams in the first level and teh respawn are messed. I can send a screenshot if you want.

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